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    Qatar Visitor is a tourist and resident's guide to Qatar. Qatar Visitor's resources include helpful articles, cultural tips, job listings, images, videos, sounds and more.
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Recent Posts at Qatar Visitor - Travel Guide to Doha & Qatar
Calling Qatar from abroad
2011-11-07 08:58:00 - If you're on a business trip or changed residence to Qatar, you might be in need of calling your friends and family back home. If you’re u...
Qataris and their thoughts on the World Cup 2022
2011-04-25 03:25:00 - New on the QatarVisitor website: We ask Qataris how they feel about the World Cup 2022. See Qatar 2022: Hopes and Fears. Like this post? Sig...
Doha Cupcake Competition: The Winner
2011-04-10 15:06:00 - Last month Shabina Khatri reviewed ten of the top cupcake eateries in town. And we asked readers to choose their favourite via a poll on the...
Qatar Cupcake Heaven
2011-03-30 16:39:00 - New on Qatar Cupcake Heaven! Shabina reviews the best cupcake cafes in Qatar, provides a feast of cupcake pictures and pin...
Qatar Stadiums - Will they do the job?
2011-03-27 06:36:00 - In the latest article on Mike Tuckerman looks at Qatar's stadiums.In the 2022 World Cup the stadiums will have to protect b...
A New Way to Keep Up With Qatar News
2011-03-21 07:31:00 - Qatar is hitting the headlines at the moment. Qatar is supporting the rebels in Libya, but the government in Bahrain. Al Jazeera has been ch...
The Cursed City
2011-03-14 09:27:00 - You've probably heard of Petra, the ancient city carved into the rocks of Jordan. Less well known is its sister city Madain Saleh. Built by ...
Alzheimer's Research Blogging Competition
2011-03-03 05:28:00 - I am helping out this month with a writing competition to raise money for Alzheimers' Research.You may already have been touched by Alzheime...
Dating in Qatar
2011-02-22 04:08:00 - In Qatar Dating Ola Deyab looks at the forbidden practice of dating before marriage in Qatar. It's an issue that's considered a taboo in thi...
World Cup 2022: Lessons from the Asian Cup 2011
2011-02-19 03:17:00 - In the latest article on Michael Tuckerman, fresh back in Australia after covering the Asian Cup, sits back and reviews how...

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