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    A look at all things unexplained and paranormal
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Recent Posts at The Paranormal Pastor
Vintage UFO chart
2015-02-21 14:21:00 - From i09 via the UK national archives, here is a great classic UFO chart of various UFO shapes seen over the past decades!
Recent Resurrections and the Zombie Apocalypse
2014-09-30 13:54:00 - In the past few weeks there have been 2 disturbing stories about people who  were declared dead rising from the to speak. &n...
The Beast in the Dark
2014-09-12 21:26:00 - In the summer of 1986, the time between my sophomore and junior year at Nyack College, I went on a summer long missionary assignment to West...
Slenderman at MUFON
2014-04-23 20:23:00 - I will be speaking on Slenderman and my new theory of "Psychoparousia" at this weekend's MUFON Conference in Erie Pennsylvania. Come by and ...
Ghostly Speedster Spotted at South American Sport Stadium!
2014-04-23 15:21:00 - I think it is The Flash exiting the game to meet up with the rest of The Justice League.
Is that Nessie? Or a BIG Fish?
2014-04-19 11:57:00 - Amateur Cryptozoologists scouring Loch Ness Apple's map software have found an interesting image of a giant creature in the fabled  Loc...
Join me Saturday at the Butler, Pa Paranormal Convention
2014-04-03 14:27:00 - I will be speaking on Slenderman and why some people can perceive paranormal activity while others do not, mixed in with theories of Quantum...
Animals Fleeing Yellowstone Park Sense Upcoming Earthquake? Or Volcanic Eruption?
2014-04-01 20:25:00 - Recent sightings of animals fleeing Yellowstone have many wondering if the animals are fleeing because of a possible upcoming eruption of th...
Pastor Swope on "Monsters and Mysteries"
2014-03-01 12:30:00 - One of the "Monsters and Mysteries" episodes that I appear in is now in rotation on the Destination America Channel. It was originally taped...
Pastor Swope on Beyond the Edge
2013-12-07 14:46:00 - Tune in to "Beyond the Edge" tomorrow night Sunday December 8th at 8PM for my appearance on this very popular radio show!Hosted by Cryptozoo...

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