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    A dummies guide of tips and tricks to help new bloggers learn how to create, template and monetize a blog.
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Recent Posts at Tips for New Bloggers
Difference - HTML and XHTML
2007-10-09 10:15:00 - When inserting codes into the Blogger template, page element, or blog post, you may have seen error messages that the code could not be pars...
Three Columns Thisaway Template (I)
2007-10-07 08:30:00 - We have polled readers to find out what Blogger templates they are using so that we can roll out articles pertaining to their templates, suc...
Three Columns Thisaway Template (II)
2007-10-07 08:27:00 - In the earlier Three Columns Thisaway Template (I) article, we have given a how-to guide on changing the Thisaway and Thisaway Blue template...
SEO Tools - Search Engine Optimization
2007-10-01 12:25:00 - What are search engine optimization tools, webmaster tools, Google page rank checker, SEO tools, and how can these internet tools help to br...
Author Comments - Different Styles
2007-09-29 10:54:00 - Bloggers generally welcome constructive comments and feedback on their posts. Among the ways to encourage comments are to remove the “nof...
Flash Music Player and Music Playlists
2007-09-27 10:44:00 - In our earlier article, Add Music to Blogspot Blog, we talked about how music can be played in the background of the blog or through a hyper...
Submit Blogger Sitemap to MSN and
2007-09-25 11:48:00 - We had explained how to submit Blogger sitemaps to Google and Yahoo!. When the sitemap industry standard was first announced in 2006, Micro...
Recent Comments Feed Widget
2007-09-24 08:47:00 - We wrote earlier about creating Recent Comments and Recent Posts Widgets using Blogger's “Feed” page element. It was a simple method th...
Technorati Tags in Blogger Posts
2007-09-18 12:08:00 - Technorati, which indexes some 94 million weblogs, allows blog owners to assign tags to their posts. These tags are essentially words which ...
Blogger FAQ and Help Guide
2007-09-10 09:38:00 - In case you are not already aware, we have been addressing some of our readers' queries through our Tricks for New Bloggers blog. It all st...

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